PaperVision Enterprise is an in house ECM software for retrieval and archive of documents.

Note: A named license will only work on the individual machine it is licenses to. A concurrent license will work if no one else is currently using it; you could have the program installed on multiple machines but only a single user can be utilizing it at any given time. 

PaperVision® Enterprise  

Intended for management of documents from central database consisting of multiple projects for one entity; licenses for separate entities must be purchased separately. Includes both desktop and web-based access licenses, Administration Console, desktop scanning, browser-based administration, API’s, source code (for web and desktop clients).  

  • Concurrent user license 

PaperVision® Enterprise Workflow 

WorkFlow is an addition to PaperVision Enterprise. WorkFlow is sold and licensed in conjunction with a PaperVision Enterprise database. PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow allows users to participate in workflow routing, custom code execution, parallel workstep processing, and information processing procedures based on a user defined set of business rules. Users also have the ability to define document packages.  

  • Licenses per Entity or by concurrent user  

PaperVision® Enterprise E-Forms 

PaperVision E-Forms enables businesses to capture information as it is input into an electronic, web-based form. The information can also be overlaid onto an existing template image and stored as a document in the ECM system. Create e-forms by simply using a GUI-based designer or using the built-in XML editor. Users can also import existing HTML forms. Use the custom code engine to perform tasks such as populate, validate and save e-form data to an external source. Automatically generate index values from the information entered by the user into the e-form. Make e-forms available on a public site or for internal users.  

  • PaperVision E-Forms is a separately licensed component of PaperVision Enterprise, and is licensed for a single Company and database. Each Company license of PaperVision E-Forms provides unlimited e-forms and unlimited e-form submissions.  

PaperVision® Enterprise Report Management 

  • The PaperVision Enterprise Report Management product is an optional, separately-licensed component that performs COLD/ERM processing on print streams to prepare them for storage in PaperVision Enterprise. By processing the print stream, the need to scan source documents is eliminated. After the information is in the system, you can distribute printed reports and documents as needed. 

  • Licensed Per Entity 

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