There are two document viewers available: the PaperVision Viewer and the Browser-Based Viewer. In general, the PaperVision Viewer requires more set up, but offers more functionality and administrative options.

The Browser-Based Viewer requires very little set up and still offers much of the functionality available in the PaperVision Viewer. If you are restricted from installing software, use the Browser-Based Viewer as the PaperVision Viewer requires the installation of the PaperVision Assistant. 

The following table provides a summary of the key features of each viewer so you can determine which viewer best meets your needs. It’s easy to select the viewer you want to use and change it as needed. 

Utilize the Quick Search toolbar to perform index field or full-text searches across all projects or selected projects.

2. The Menu

The Menu has the following options available for use and configuration: User Options, Destruction Lists, E-Forms, Global Search, Migration Jobs, Notifications, Projects, Recycle Bin, Worksteps, Administration, Downloads, and Reset Page Layout.

3. Recent Documents

The Recent Documents pane displays the last twenty recently viewed documents and all documents you have pinned. Hover over any document to view icon options: Search, Details, Pin, and Remove.

4. The Favorites

The Favorites pane displays any projects, E-Forms, and Worksteps that you have designated as a favorite. Hover over any item in this pane to view icon options: View, Upload, Scan, Folders, and Favorites.

5. Destruction List

The Destruction List pane is comprised of documents (including recycled documents) that met the destruction criteria defined by your administrator, but require user review before their destruction. Hover over any item in this pane to view the icon option: View.

6. E-Forms

The E-Form pane displays all the E-Forms your administrator has assigned you permission to access. Hover over any item in this pane to view icon options: View and Favorites.

7. Projects

The Projects pane displays only the projects to which you have been assigned access. Hover over any item in this pane to view icon options: View, Upload, Scan, Folders, and Favorites.

Quick Reference Guide

The ImageSilo Assistant (formally known as the ImageSilo Web Assistant) is now available after you install the ImageSilo Client. It has been re-engineered to improve your ability to work with documents and workflows. You can scroll to navigate documents; see the document image and related full-text on dual tabs; view document thumbnails; choose to index now or later when adding new documents; and dock, resize and move windows to customize your user experience.

Home Tab

• Export is now called Save As

• Directly access PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow to create an instance or view status

• New FT Results (Full-Text Results) button added.

Edit Tab

• Document Grant is now called Share Document

• New Duplicate Document button

• View Associated Documents, Check Out/In/Undo, Revision History, Security Audit, Source Information, and Settings

• Click Settings to change General, Display, Hot Keys, Printing, WorkFlow, Scanning, and Annotations options

View Tab

• Movable window panes allow users to customize their workspace

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