About our products

There are are few products we really pride ourselves on:

  1. Radix (Document Management)

  2. PaperVision Enterprise (Document Management)

  3. PaperVision Capture (Capture Software)

  4. Forms Magic (Capture Augmentation Software)

  5. Workflow (Workflow Software)

  6. E-Forms (Digital Signature and E-Form Software)


Radix helps you manage and organize all of your information in one convenient place - in the cloud. With unlimited access and storage in the cloud, you'll be able to access your information from anywhere and anytime in the world. 

And, the best part is it comes with unlimited users and a guaranteed 99.99% uptime!

Radix was a tool that was built for teams, so it comes decked out with a ton of collaboration features and tool sets. Some of our customers are still using this system nearly a decade later! Just goes to show that the system keeps up with the pace of today's technological advancements, and that it works.

PaperVision Enterprise

PaperVision Enterprise delivers any document, anywhere, anytime. Securely store and retrieve information in the blink of an eye!

 Control and manage information of any kind with this easy to use, easy to implement Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system. Housed internally in the organizations network or infrastructure.  

PaperVision Capture

Capture is a desktop scanning application that allows users to digitalize, organize, classify/index, and export documents at a batch level. Batch meaning it can handle multiple documents at a time, no more scanning in documents one by one! 

Capture has OCR (optical character recognition) capabilities to fill in index values or give full text searchable images. PaperVision Capture also has barcode capabilities to create document breaks or save on keystrokes by filling in values.

After scanning your information in, we can help you integrate it with any document management system. You don't have to have Radix or PaperVision Enterprise if you already have a system in place - so no worries there.

Forms Magic

Forms Magic is a fully integrated tool for PaperVision Capture that extends advanced functionality to include document recognition and classification as well as data extraction. Uses artificial intelligence (AI) to classify documents and extracts the data from the images to fill in index values or other databases without typing a single keystroke. 

Has an easy user interface with predefined templates to add new form types. This add-on product is fully supported by the same security features and capabilities of PaperVision Capture.

And, just like I had mentioned above, we can help put all of this new information into a document management solution of your choice!

We don't ever want to lock customers in to using our end-to-end solution, so you have the ability to choose our software al-a-carte.


Workflow is another fully integrated tool that synchronizes with Radix or PaperVision Enterprise. With Workflow you are able to route information quickly and efficiently to any decision maker or department. 

The primary reason we see customers pick up Workflow is to increase communication and collaboration with team members. They do this by showing documents and where they’re at in the business process, complete with automatic alerts.

For example, let's say a team member puts in a PTO request. As soon as it's filled out and submitted, colleagues in HR can automatically get sent all of the necessary information.

Workflow really increases the speed of information for entire business units, and while it's a bit of work to get set up, the ROI in the long run is ridiculously high.


E-Forms is our most widely used tool that augments both Radix and PaperVision Enterprise. Allows users to convert paper forms into an electronic format: including but not limited to hiring forms, direct deposit forms, requesting time off, etc.. After the E-Form is filled out and saved, it is uploaded into the desired project/s automatically where you have the ability to view and edit the form if permissions allow.

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