Imagetek offers unlimited support to any end user as long as the software is kept up to date. The purpose of this plan is to provide efficient and effective technical support for your software currently under software assurance that was purchased through Imagetek. Technical support services will be provided remotely via e-mail, telephone, and remote access through web based tools. 

The unlimited Support Plan includes technical support, semi-annual health and wellness checkups, software upgrades, training services, and unlimited professional services. Not to mention it eliminates those pesky time-billing invoices or extra costs that you don't expect to come up. 

If using in house applications the unlimited support plan is billed based off the total software assurance cost. Imagetek adds up all the software assurance from all supported products and bills 30% of that total for the yearly unlimited support.

if using our cloud-based ECM, Radix, unlimited support is billed monthly. it is based upon the total GB storage in the system and has tiers to it. 

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