With the addition of a new document search service in R80, search criteria that included brackets in the query are no longer supported for use in searching. This new search service includes additional search capabilities for all projects, global and full-text searches. 

For example, prior to the R80 release, a search query such as “T[I,O]M” would have been used to locate “Tim” or “Tom”. Since the R80 release, the search query used instead would be “T*M” or “T_M” to locate “Tim” or “Tom”. 

Executing a search using [BLANK] continues to be supported because this search criterion is used to locate a specific value. 

As an alternative, https://ie9ie10.imagesilo.com is version R79.2 and still supports the bracket as part of the search criteria. However, other newer features and functionality of the product are not available using this older version. 

Product: Radix and/or Papervision Enterprise 

Version: R80 

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