Troubleshooting Time

To add a specific time value to an index field when configuring a Directory Manager Job definition you must use a period (.) to separate the hour, minutes and seconds. 

For example, create a directory named 12-15-2010 10.15.34 to indicate a date of December 15, 2010 at 10:15:34. 

This example can also be used with a file name, as long as you do not use the period (.) as the field extraction criteria in the Directory Manager Job definition. 

Note: Currently there is no way to differentiate between AM and PM in the Search Results for a project. 

Troubleshooting Dates

If directory or file names contain a date value that is formatted as “mmddyyyy” (e.g. 01152011), when Directory Manager processing operations are run, those values are not used, and are populated as a blank index value in PaperVision Enterprise and/or Radix.  To ensure the date values are captured, use properly formatted dates (e.g. 01-15-2011) for directory and file names.

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